Kansas City Zen Shiatsu Training
Shiatsu Massage or Japanese Massage for Holistic Health
Shiatsu Training Starts January 2011

Zen Shiatsu Training
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We are a Kansas City Massage School  that offers massage
and massage diplomas in Asian Massage

Japanese Massage Program
Zen Shiatsu, also known as Masunaga Therapy, is a form of Asian
Body Therapy that uses a deep, invigorating, style of massage.  It  
uses thumb, elbow, knee and palm pressure to energy channels or
meridians.   It reinforces principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine
and is thought to stimulate the natural healing powers of the body,
restoring balance and well-being.

It can be used for pain relief, improving  recovery time after an
illness or injury, deep relaxation, and increased circulation and
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Become a Shiatsu Therapist: Japanese Massage Program

Asian Body Therapy

  • Level I Shiatsu Therapist:  Basic Training (60 hours):
    At the end of the course, a student can perform a whole-
    body, dance-like session involving working pressure
    points along meridians and mobility/flexibility exercises to
    open energy flow in the body. Thai massage routine,
    including supine, prone, side lying, and seated
    positions. A basic certificate of completion is issued.  
  • Level II Shiatsu Therapist: Advanced Training (120
    hours): This training includes additional hands on
    training, theory, advanced therapeutic practice and
    further principles of toning, directing and balancing
    energy flow.
  • Level III Shiatsu Therapist: Practitioner (200 hours):
    This training expands on the use of points to treat
    disorders and examines the pathology of certain
    conditions in relationship to Chinese Medicine.

The massage program is constructed of massage intensives,
anatomy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and more.
Education Home
Employment for massage therapists is expected to increase 20
percent from 2006 to 2016, faster than average for all
occupations. Employment will grow as more people learn about
the benefits of massage therapy and as many people demand
alternative healthcare.  This field is attractive for many people
who want to set their own hours, work from home and enjoy more
time with their family and doing leisure activities.

Source: Occupational Employment Statistics

Acupressure and Japanese Massage Curriculum

Zen Shiatsu Massage Therapy
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Zen Shiatsu Training
•        120 Hour Anatomy I and II
•        60 Hour Pathology
•        180 Hour Shiatsu I, II and III (Shiatsu Practitioner)
•        120 Hour Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory I and II
•        60 Hour Business and Ethics
•        80 Hour Practicum
•        60 Hour Intro to Western Massage
•        8 Hour CPR
Shiatsu Massage Courses in 650 Hour Program
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  • Shiatsu Society:   A network linking interested individuals,
    students, shiatsu practitioners and teachers, and fulfils the
    role of the Professional Association for Shiatsu Practitioners
    in Europe.